1.  What is the return policy for the webstore?
      UTIFLEX assemblies have a limited one year warranty subject to CarlisleIT review. However, all UTIFLEX assemblies are made-to-order and as such are returnable for performance related defects only.

2.  Can I order phase matched UTIFLEX assemblies on the webstore?
      Not at this time. Please contact the factory for pricing on this option.

3.  Can I purchase a product using a purchase order on the web store?
      Not at this time. Only credit card orders are accepted but you may "reference" a PO number in the available block on the order detail sheet.

4. What types of products can I buy via the webstore?
      All products on the store can be purchased online.

5. Can I order UTIFLEX assembles with custom markers via the webstore?
      Not at this time. Please contact the factory for pricing on this option.

6. What test data comes with UTIFLEX orders placed via the webstore?
      VSWR and Insertion Loss plots.

7. Can I call the factory to place an order per a webstore quotation?
      No. Webstore pricing is valid only for credit card orders placed directly through the webstore. Your webstore quotations are saved in your user file for 60 days and can be converted to an order at any time during this period simply by accessing your saved quotes via the webstore. Note that leadtime will be recalculated based on realtime information each time you access a saved quotation.

8. How long are webstore quotations saved/valid?
      60 days.

9. What is the cancellation policy for webstore orders?
      Due to the custom made nature of this product and the fast turn around time, webstore orders are non-cancellable.

10. How are UTIFLEX assembly lengths measured?
        Connector Reference plane or centerline for right angle and elbow connectors.

11. Can I request a specific ship date for a webstore order?
        No. Product ships as soon as it is manufactured.

12. When is my credit card charged for my webstore purchase?
        The credit card will be charged at time of shipment.

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